Loc-N-Load™ CMM ACCESSORY plates secure and release quickly to docking rails and fixture plates for versatile setups with the use of magnets. The plates are quickly assembled without tools.

Angle Plate-Stop for Loc-N-Load™.
Adapter Plate for Loc-N-Load™;
Special Indicator Ball Bar Plate

To add to your order, see Docking Rails, End-caps and other Loc-N-Load Fixture Plate offerings.

  • CMM Fixture Plate, Angle plate/stop

    Locate a part on the granite quickly with Loc-N-Load 6″ angle plate/stop. Add Inspection Arsenal work holding to the 1/4-20 threaded 1×1″ hole pattern as needed.

  • Adapter Plate for CMMAdapter Plate for CMM
    Now it’s easier than ever to adapt your inspection fixtures to the LEANest option on the market.  Fastening this .5″ thick aluminum adapter plate to existing fixtures allows you to “dock” them into the Loc-N-Load docking rail.  Make use of existing fixtures while adopting the newest LEAN concepts for inspection.

  • Qual plate with barQual Plate, Indicator Ball Bar Plate

    Special Indicator Ball Plate, .5” thick, M8x1.25 threaded hole, Aluminum. Mount your qualifying ball on this dedicated plate to get it safely out of the way when you’re not using it and avoid costly probe crashes!