Rapid-Loc™ pneumatic vise for CMM Inspection is designed to take advantage of the air at your CMM. Soft jaws for the Rapid-Loc™ vise can be customized to hold most any part. Regulated air pressure can produce just enough clamping force to hold delicate parts or as much as 150-lbs if needed. Mount Rapid-Loc™ vises on Inspection Arsenal™ Loc-N-Load™ quick-swap fixture plates for fast, accurate, and highly repeatable setups that help break inspection bottlenecks. Rapid-Loc™ can also be mounted on existing CMM breadboards. -Metric

  • Rapid-Loc™ System w 2 vises2.5 Rapid-Loc™ Air Vise System with accessory Pack

    RL-VISE-SYS02M Rapid-Loc™ Pneumatic Air Vise SYSTEM, (63.5mm) assembled w/standard Accessories & Fittings (Rapid-Loc™ Product Sheet available). Also available to add for multiple connections:

    • RL-SJaw-02M:  Soft Jaws for Rapid-Loc™ – Machinable Aluminum  ($69.00)
    • RL-MV-PackM:  Fittings for Multi-pack connectors, Elbows, Tees, and Tubing ($49.90)
    • RL-Port-PlugsM: 1/8 tube to 1/8 NPT 4 port w/plugs (49.90)

    Additional Multi-Vise Accessories – Order 1 pack per vise for two or more vise setups.

    Parts list for  Rapid-Loc™ Air Vise SYSTEM, 63.5mm (M) 
    Part #  Description Price
    RL-VISE-SYS02M Rapid-Loc™ Vise (63.5mm) SYSTEM assembled includes Soft Jaws, Tubing, Valve and fittings. $799.00
    Regulator sold separately
    RL-RegulatorM Air Regulator w/ M. Bracket ** Metric $90.00
    Add extra Soft Jaws—inspect multiple parts with one vise! 
    RL-SJaw-02M Alum Soft Jaws $69.99
      ADDITIONAL Fittings for Multi-vise setups
    RL-MV-PackM Multi-Vise Connector Pack: Elbows, Tees, and  Tubing $49.90
    RL-Port-PlugsM Multi-Vise Port, Plugs, tubing $49.90
    ** Quick Connect— (customer supplied) needed to attach to your compressed air **

  • Regulator for Rapid-Loc™Air Vise Regulator

    (Metric) Air Regulator with Pressure Gauge and Mounting Bracket for use with Rapid-Loc™ Air Vise.  Includes built-in Pressure Gauge, regulating range = 7 – 125 psi.  Dimensions = 63.5 H x 36.5 W (mm).

    Create your own custom assembly with soft jaws and fittings or ask Phillips Precision for advice.

  • Machinable Soft Jaw set

    Metric, 2- Pc. Set Machinable Aluminum Soft Jaws.

    Use with the Rapid Loc™ Vise for holding parts during CMM inspection.

    Can be machined to hold one part or multiple parts per vise.  One movable and one fixed side. Made from aluminum.  Set screws included.  Set of 2.

  • RL-Port-Plugs for Rapid-Loc™Rapid-Loc™ RL-MV-Pack.png

    Multi-Vise Connector Pack: Elbows, Tees and 6′ Tubing.

    Create your own multi-vise custom assembly with additional Multi-Vise Connector Pack.  Contains:

    • Nylon Tube 6′
    • U-Elbow
    • U-Tee

  • Rapid-Loc™ RL-MV-Pack.pngRL-Port-Plugs for Rapid-Loc™

    RL-Port-PlugsM: Multi-Vise Connector Port: 1/8″ tube to 1/8″ NPT 4 port w/3 plugs (Metric) ($49.90) Create your own multiple-vise custom assembly with additional Multi-Vise Port with 3 plugs.  Contains:

    • Port (1)
    • Plugs (3)