CMM SETS: Clamps, Risers, Stand-offs -Metric

Fixture up with our pre-packaged sets of CMM workholding Clamps, Risers and Stand-offs for CMM Inspections: Clamps Sets; Rails & Stops; Risers, Stand-Offs and V-Blocks. METRIC

  • Spring Clamps Sets - Metric

    Spring Clamps Sets - Metric (7)

    CMM Sets contain Spring Clamps with fast trigger - action, non-marring, low-profile. Includes: Cross-Bow™; Trigger-Block™; D-Block™; Spring-Loc™; Trigger-Finger™ with Shaft; Trigger-Point™ with Shaft; See Risers & Stand-Offs for additional Shafts; See Stops & Rails for Hole Adjusters with Thumb Screws.
  • Stops and Rails -Metric

    Stops and Rails -Metric (5)

    Simple-Stop™; Stops and Rails are low-profile, quick-swap to speed inspections.
  • Risers, V-Blocks -Metric

    Risers, V-Blocks -Metric (3)

    A variety of non-marring riser clamps and stand-offs to add to inspections as work requires. Use alone or with other work holding kits and sets. Use as dedicated tooling - add to job box. Components include: Silver-Bullet™ 25, 50 and 75mm, V-Blocks and Steel Shaft/Stand-off.