Portable 3D Gage Bundled System -Metric

Portable 3D Gage Bundled System (Metric)

  • CMM Inspection for 3D gagesLNL-DOCK-M540 for Gage Arm

    The 540 x 300mm Docking Plate is for use with portable 3D Gage Arm fixture systems.  Add Loc-N-Load™ interlocking fixture plates which quickly secure and release with the use of magnets.  Add multiple fixtures to speed up inspections on the floor.


  • CMM Inspection for 3D gagesGage Arm Bundle, Metric

    Pre-configured for all portable gage arms and laser trackers.  13mm thick clear anodized aluminum, 20 x 20mm hole pattern, M6 thread.

    Bundle includes:
    (1) 540 x 300mm Docking Plate,
    (1) 180 x 180mm Loc-N-Load™ Plate,
    (1) 180 x 360mm Loc-N-Load™ Plate,
    (1) 360 x 360mm Loc-N-Load™ Plate,
    (1) Angle Plate,
    (1) TR-KIT-02M, Complete Kit, 69-pc clamp kit. M6 threads.