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  • Bundled Systems

    Bundled Systems (33)

    Choose from 18 bundled offers with variations: (18) CMM Loc-N-Load™ fixture plates with your choice of 3 Kits: 'WORKS', Complete or Starter-Kit of work holding components. For CMM Inspections, INCH or METRIC (2) PORTABLE CMM fixture plates and workholding kit for gage arm or laser tracker, INCH or METRIC (2) OPTICAL COMPARATOR Bundle (6") with Starter Kit of work holding components for Optical Comparator Inspections, INCH or METRIC (4) VISION Open-Sight™ fixture plates with a 27-pc Vision-Kit of work holding components. For VISION Inspections. , INCH or METRIC (6) LASER Loc-N-Load™ fixture plates with a Laser-Kit of work holding components. For LASER material marking. INCH or METRIC Ready-made plates and clamps allow you to fixture-up right away with no long lead-times. Clamps are fast-action and non-marring, , INCH or METRIC
  • CMM Work Holding KITS and SETS (Inch or Metric)

    CMM Work Holding KITS and SETS (Inch or Metric) (55)

    KITS: Target Lean CMM Inspection with the fast and affordable trigger-action clamps, low-profile stops and stand-offs that fill 4 kit combinations. Inch or Metric. CMM Inspections: The Starter-Kit, Complete-Kit, or WORKS-Kit are perfect to add one per CMM, Inch or Metric; OPEN-SIGHT™ (27 pc) Vision Kit is for use with our polycarbonate plates for optical inspections. RAPID-LOC™ Pneumatic Vise comes with everything you need to create a multi-vise fixture to use the air at your CMM for inspections. Inch or Metric CLAMP SETS: Fixture-up with pre-packaged Sets of CMM Clamps, Risers and Stand-offs to create simple setups that replace expensive custom fixtures. Inch or Metric
  • Loc-N-Load™ Fixture Plates/Docking Rails for Inspection and Laser Marking

    Loc-N-Load™ Fixture Plates/Docking Rails for Inspection and Laser Marking (11)

    The two main components of the Loc-N-Load™ Fixture Plate System are the LNL Fixture Plates and the LNL Docking Rails and Endcaps, which can adapt easily to your equipment. Docking Rails in Inch (12”, 18” or 30”) or Metric (360, 540 or 720mm) bolt in place while interlocking Fixture Plates quickly secure and release with the use of magnets. Fixture plates are durable anodized aluminum in Inch (.5 thick, ¼-20 thread, 1x1” hole pattern) or Metric (13mm thick, M6 thread, 20 x 20mm hole pattern. Assorted sizes are available. Accessory Plates include Angle Plate; Adapter Plate and for CMMs, a Ball Bar Plate for the qualifying ball/bar.
  • Open-Sight™ for Vision Systems (Inch or Metric)

    Open-Sight™ for Vision Systems (Inch or Metric) (13)

    FAST-SWAP, Magnetized Polycarbonate plates for VISION fixture systems. Durable, Scratch-resistant . Docking Rails are black anodized aluminum. Select either Inch 5” Polycarbonate. Standard 1/2" spacing with 1/4-20 holes or Metric 12.7mm Polycarbonate. Standard 10mm spacing with M6 holes.
  • SPECIAL! Fixture Plate w/Adapter and clamps

    SPECIAL! Fixture Plate w/Adapter and clamps (4)

    Our inventory of 8x8" and 10x10" traditional CMM fixture plates can now be used with Loc-N-Load™ LEAN fixture plate system by adding the signature shape with our new Adapter Plate. We'll include a FREE Adapter and 3 complimentary Trigger-Block™ spring clamps (a $149.00 Value) on orders of $500 or more. Create your order below and be sure to enter coupon code ADAPTFREE at checkout. The addition of a docking rail and work holding kit to your order moves you towards the LEANer QC solution of Loc-N-Load™.
  • Traditional CMM Fixture Plates: Aluminum, Acrylic (7)

    One-piece .5” anodized aluminum plates with .5” ¼-20 hole pattern and Open-Sight™ clear plates for vision systems are available here.