Open-Sight™ Vision Clamp Kit (27 pcs.) -Inch

  • Vision Kit
  • AdjusterPlatform
  • Spring Loc stop for Vision Systems
  • Simple Stop™ for Vision Systems
  • Simple Stops™ for Vision Systems
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Open-Sight™ Vision Clamp Kit (27 pcs.) -Inch


VIS-KIT-01 -
OPEN-SIGHT™ for Vision Work holding kit includes hold-downs, hole adjusters, clamps, and stops .  Use with Inspection Arsenal™ OPEN-SIGHT™ clear polycarbonate plates for lean Vision fixturing for Vision inspections.

OPEN-SIGHT™ Work Holding Kit 
Description Qty
Hole Adjuster 2
Adjustable Platform 1
Sliding Stop™ (1/4-20) 2
Spring-Loc™  (1/4-20) 2
Simple-Stop™ #01-OS, #06, #07 3
Trigger-Finger™ 2
Trigger-Point™ 2
Steel shaft/stand-off 4
Hex Key, plus assorted screws 9

Plus 5S foam drawer inserts.

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Product Description

VIS-KIT-01 OPEN-SIGHT™ Vision Work holding kit includes 2 Trigger-Finger™ plastic hold-downs, 2 Trigger-Point™ thin steel tip hold downs, 2 hole adjusters, 2 Slide-Loc™ spring clamps, 2 Sliding Stop™ scalloped stops, 3 Simple-Stop™ (#01-OS, #06, #07) rails, and an adjustable platform to extend parts over the viewing area.  Plus screws, hex key, and 5S foam insert.



Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 8 x 6 in