ENHANCED Adjustable Stand-Off Set (16 pcs.)

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  • Enhanced Standoff for CMM
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  • Enhanced Stand-Off set, layer

ENHANCED Adjustable Stand-Off Set (16 pcs.)


STOFE-SET-30     $749

Enhanced Standoff for CMM

Enhanced Standoff VIDEO

Enhance other work holding with adjustable stand-offs that can be angled in any direction.  The high quality stand-offs and height adjusters included in this set add flexibility to inspection setups. Plastic and steel with 1/4-20″ threads.  Component diameters of 0.50″ and 0.75″

16-Pc. ENHANCED Set, Adjustable Standoffs/ Height Adjusters
     Part # and Description Qty
STAJ-500,  0.50″ dia. Adjustable Stand-off 2
STAJ-750, 0.75″ dia. Adjustable Stand-off 2
STOF-KNCL-750, 0.75″ dia. x 1″ h. Adjustable Knuckle 2
STOF-ADJ, Plastic Ht. Adjuster for Stand-off Set 2
THUMB 1/2-US, screws 2
STOF-CONE, Plastic Cone for Stand-off Set 2
STOF-050-100, 0.50″ dia. x 1″ h. Stand-off 2
STOF-075-100, 0.75″ dia. x 1″ h. Stand-off 2
      TOTAL 16

Product Description

Enhance other work holding with risers and adjustable stand-offs that can be angled in any direction.

Combine with other Stand-Off & Rest Pad Set or Clamp Kits for fixture building to add flexibility in fixture design for CMM inspections.

Click here to see the flexibility of these innovative adjustable stand-offs in our Youtube video, 

Enhanced Stand-Off setup

Enhanced Stand-Off setup


Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 8 x 6 in